Buy-Here-Pay-Here - Finance Company's - Sub-Prime Lending

These are the three types of lending used to get customers with previous credit issues back
into a new vehicle. Let The Experts at Ascension Auto Sales get you the best terms.

BUY-HERE-PAY-HERE, Or BHPH, in house finance, special finance, subprime lending, these are just some of the many names and phrases given to getting an auto loan with bad credit.

If you are looking for a buy here pay here dealer in Baton Rouge, or a used car dealership that offers in house financing then Ascension Auto Sales is the place for you!

Buy-Here-Pay-Here is the most used name to advertise to customers who have had previous repossessions, bankruptcies, charge offs or low credit scores, normally 575 or under. What you the customer should know is that even with all the issues or just some of the credit issues mentioned, is that most of the time the Dealer will try and get you a loan with a finance company first anyway. In most cases the Dealership has a finance company that they work with exclusively to get these type loans. The qualifications  needed for a conventional BHPH loan and a loan from the finance company are generally the same, Most of the time you will actually save money if the dealership gets the loan through the finance company.

All dealerships "most" would rather get all their money upfront vs over a period of time, and if the dealer knows their funds in advance YOU THE CUSTOMER WILL GET THE CAR AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE in most cases! So what are we saying here,? people who search for Buy-Here-Pay-Here loans when shopping do so because they either think their credit is too bad to borrow money from a lender or they have been turned down multiple times and do not want to go through the process again and feel BHPH is there only choice, allow the finance department at Ascension Auto Sales to show you just how easy we make buying your next used car,truck or suv. 
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